Myde's Sweet Morsels boxed assorted cookies with logo

Cookies...take 2, one for each hand

Everyday Delights $12/doz.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels chocolate chip cookies image

Chocolate Chip

All-American, drop cookie of classic dough and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels peanut butter cookies image

Peanut Butter

Traditional favorite, rolled peanut butter dough covered with sugar.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels oatmeal raisin cookies image

Oatmeal Rasin

Just like its title, made of oatmeal dough with raisins.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels gingerbread round cookies image

Gingerbread Rounds

Soft and delightful, made of a molasses and spice, and rolled in sugar.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels snickerdoodle cookies image


Childhood favorite, rolled dough covered in cinnamon and sugar.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels M&M cookies image

M&Ms ™

Colorful and chocolately, classic dough with candy coated chocolate pieces in dough.

Fifth Street Favorites $14/doz.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels sour cream sugar cookies image

Sour Cream Sugar Cookie

Great grandma's recipe, soft sugar cookie iced with butter cream and decorated with sprinkles.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels O'Henry's cookies image


Delicious bar cookie, oatmeal base and covered in mixture of peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels Jam bar cookies image

Jam bars

Great for breakfast??? Oatmeal squares with jam or jelly filling.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels Apple spice treasure cookies image

Apple spice treasures

Three great flavors, soft spice cookie with apple pieces and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels lemon square cookies image

Lemon Squares

Best version of a classic, lemon square cookie topped with powdered sugar.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels snowball cookies image


New version of tradition, mini chocolate chips in shortbread-like rolled cookie.

Top Tier Treats $16/doz.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels lady lock cookies image

Lady lock

Also known as clothespin cookies, flaky dough cylinders of cookie crust and filled with buttercream.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels pecan tart cookies image

Pecan Tarts

Like a mini pie, tarts filled with chopped pecan filling.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels maple sandwich cookies image

Maple Sandwich cookies

Maple...yum! Sandwich cookie with maple flavor filling.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels cranberry coconut square cookies image

Cranberry coconut squares

Mixture of goodies, squares made of graham cracker crumb base covered with sweetened condensed mixture of dried cranberries, white chocolate chips, pecan pieces, and sweetened coconut flakes.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels peanut blossom cookies image

Peanut blossoms

Always a favorite, peanut butter dough rolled and topped with chocolate kiss.

Mynde's Sweet Morsels black bottom cup cookies image

Black bottom cups

Decadent and delightful, mini cup of chocolate cake like base topped with cream cheese and chocolate chip mixture.